Game development embodies the amazing confluence between creativity and problem solving

Louis Gendron


Hello Louis! Tell us a little about yourself.

What was your dream job as a kid?


Why the gaming industry? Tell us about the path that brought you here.

I graduated in computer engineering with a strong interest in real time systems and a passion for video games. So I started in the industry by joining one of my friends who had just started a small studio. One year fresh out of the Montreal Polytechnique, I was already launching a first game!

What is your role at Panache?


What is your biggest challenge in your job?

To juggle with the pleasure of creating a new game and the technical challenges of software development.

What is it about video games that you like?

Game development embodies the amazing confluence between creativity and problem solving which is really exciting for a programmer in a small team such as ours.

These days, what game are you playing?

Civilization, Don’t Starve, Breath of the Wild and Pillars of Eternity.

Other than video games, what are your interests?

Music. Which is good since we rarely see a game without music.

If you could meet any living or dead personality, who would you choose? Name 2 and tell us why.

J.S. Bach for his mastery of the counterpoint and Soeur (Sister) Angèle for her mastery of the counterpane :)

If you had to write your autobiography today, what would its title be?

My Real Virtual Life

If you could have a super power, which one would you choose?

The power of acquiring powers, obviously!

And now, loose questions:

Favorite meal?

A nice assortment of sushi

Favorite places in Montreal?

I really like Villeray, my neighbourhood of 3 years. The Jean-Talon Market, the Jarry Park, young families (and their dog!) It’s quiet and dynamic at the same time. Love it!

Your screensaver?

A tiny man horse-riding and holding an bow and arrow on my right screen, facing a giant on the left screen.

Your favorite time of the week at the office?

Concept talks with my colleagues, whether it’s about software architecture or game design. I really like sharing my ideas and listening to the ideas of others. I know, I’m a geek!

Your hockey team?

At Ice Hockey?! A skinny one, a medium one and a fat one. I’m a balanced guy.

Who had the most influence on you professionally?

Jacques L’Heureux (Passe-Montagne) hahaha

The best tip you were ever given?

“Vis ta vinaigrette”, literally translated to “Live your vinaigrette (salad dressing)” – Marc Drouin