Let’s say that the Seventh Art is a family matter

Philippe Debay

Narrative Director

Hi all, my name is Philippe.

I joined Panache at the beginning of April 2015 as game designer and scriptwriter. I have a background in literature and I have been working in the game industry since 1997.

The game projects I’ve worked on that I prefer:
Definitively Hype – The Time Quest my first game at Ubisoft Montreal in 1997. The mandate was to create a Zelda-like game! It was a “Carte Blanche” project to make something very ambitious. The team was green! No experience even the management team :)

I’ve worked on numerous high profile projects at Ubi during the years but the second one who brought me a lot of satisfaction was James Noir – Hollywood Crimes which was a 3DS launch title. The game didn’t have a lot of commercial success but my role on the project allowed me to experience a lot of new stuff. As an example I directed some live action stereoscopic scenes.

At this moment I’m playing:

Until Dawn for the relaxing and getaway aspect of it. I really like to play it with my girlfriend. Secretly I like to see her scared :). And Uncharted 3 …To be ready for the next one!

My fantasy game:

A Call of Duty -like game that would allow me to relive the greatest battles of all time. And, also, a documentary game like the one I’m presently working on.

What other artistic stuff do you like:

Theater: Scenography is fascinates me. I’m always amazed to see how those guys allow me to dive into a story with the little space they have. I’m also very impressed to see how this art form is keeping itself up to date and relevant. My favorite plays include Cyrano de Bergerac (Edmond Rostand) and all of Robert Lepage’s body of work

Literature: How simple 26 letter words can let us travel that far? How can they let us dive into imaginary worlds? For me, this is the finest form of art, the one that carried me the furthest.

What I’m reading at the present time:

City on Fire, a novel by Garth Risk Hallberg.

The most significant novels for me:

The Road by Cormac McCarthy, The Executioner’s Song by Norman Mailer, and In Cold Blood by Truman Capote

On the music side:

I really need diversity. I would describe myself as a superficial music fan! I am “Mr. top 10”. I like top 10 songs in all different style (blues, jazz, rap, rock etc.) J.

The last movie I saw at the theater:

The last Star Wars movie. Let’s say that the Seventh Art is a family matter now!

My point of view on the future of gaming:

In one simple sentence: “let it go where it wants to be!” I’m done with that endless question. 20 years ago I was debating this question without any proper answer, 20 years from now they will do the same.