I do what I always dreamt of doing

Simon Lacoste

Senior Character Modeler

Why the gaming industry? Tell us about the path that brought you here.

I do what I always dreamt of doing. Create worlds and 3D characters. A turning point for me was the visit of Softimage’s representative Annick Laliberté at my high school. She came to class and we talked about 3D, the NAD 3D school, Softimage, and Jurassic Park and The Boxer movies. It was the beginning, the first tremors of the industry. I truly believe that traced my career path. After my diploma in fine arts and my training at the NAD I then joined PTM (Public Technologies Multimedia) where I started modeling clothing for virtual models. A few years later I moved to the gaming industry at Ubisoft. At Ubi, I worked on about a dozen productions (Rainbow Six, Splinter Cell, Shaun White, Assassin’s Creed, etc.) before moving to Panache Digital Games.

What is your favorite project you’ve ever worked on?

I would say my favorite project was Shaun White Snowboarding. Being myself a follower, I loved this production because it is at that moment that I switched to character modeling. I also loved my time on Splinter Cell Blacklist for creative freedom and the team. Of course my role and involvement on the Ancestors game is for me hard to beat with a smaller team and a creative freedom.

These days, what game are you playing?

Presently, Overwatch at the office with the team. I’m also playing Team Fortress and Uncharted 4. I am a fan of arcade style racing games like Need For Speed.

If you could create any game, what would it be?

It would be a game like The Last of Us (my best game to date) for the narrative side, but in a fantasy world. This is the modeler in me speaking here. :) I would add a cooperative multiplayer mode.

Other than video games, what are your interests?

I’m a big fan of motorcycles and cars. I love snowboarding, traveling and tattoos. What comes out of the standards.

And musically?

Musically my tastes are quite varied, nothing niche. Techno, punk, rock. A bit of everything.

What’s the last movie you saw in theatre?

The Revenant.

What’s your point of view on the future of gaming?

For me, there is a clear migration towards independent gaming. The blockbusters are here to stay but independent developers are attracting more and more fans. Digital distribution opens the doors for this indie breakaway. On the industry side, I also see a migration to outsourcing. The major studios now outsource much work to specialized firms.

And to conclude:

Tea or coffee?

Coffee of course

Morning or evening?


First thing you do in the morning?

My smoothie

Your desktop background?

Porsche 911

You favorite way to lose time during the day?

Car and motorbike videos.

The things you own that has the greatest value for you?

My daughter’s echography picture and my motorcycle

Who has to most influence on you professionally?

On top of Annick Laliberté for my career choice, I would say David Giraud who was extremely helpful in making the switch to character modeling.

The best advice you received?

Do what you like in life
Thanks Simon!